Restricted Access Specialist

We have the skills and the ability to grind stumps located in confined spaces without damaging structures, walls, windows, foot paths etc. We grind exposed roots and stumps allowing you to plant grass, flowers or another trees to enhance your property. By removing remains of an old tree stump will also eliminate unsightly hazardous stumps which can harbour termites/white ants, cockroaches, snakes, rats, mice and mosquitoes.



Range of Equipment

We stump grind medium to large stumps using different machines and go as deep as 30cm below ground level.

An assessment of the area before stump grinding is always performed. We look for possible obstacles in the way, as well as the necessity of using ramps to cross garden beds or pass retaining walls to get to the stumps. Another precaution we take, is to find out the location of underground utilities (cables, pipes etc.) and, if necessary, use the facility of, Dial before you dig, to get the plans of the property.

Before starting stump grinding we ask about the plans for the area (paving, grassing, replanting etc.) to determine the depth to go.


Extra Care Around Gardens

Protection of your plants, shrubs and ornaments during the process of stump grinding is observed.

Once the job is completed your garden is left clean and tidy.